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Factory &
Custom Parts

Factory Parts for Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

We use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure the best performance of your equipment and to protect your UL and other safety listings.

BRPINC’s service trucks and local parts facility in San Diego are equipped with commercial kitchen equipment parts for immediate use.

Overnight access to non-stocked parts is available from the factory or other local suppliers.

To order a part, please call us 858-658-0630.

Custom Made Parts

BRPINC also has an in-house machine shop located in San Diego. We can can fabricate or repair many hard to find, costly, or timely-to-order parts for your commercial food service equipment.

We cut shafts in many lengths and sizes, with keyways, steps, and/or flats. And we manufacture or repair custom rollers, racks, carts, and special application equipment. Our machinists have a strong background in air handling equipment repair.

Custom machining services include:

  • Welding aluminum, stainless steel, steel, Cast iron, and more
  • Custom machining large or small, prototypes or production runs
  • Broaching keyways for sprockets, or gears, pulleys or hub
  • Metal cutting
  • 50-ton pressing
  • Surface grinding

If it's a large job, we can come out and perform an onsite inspection and/or repair. We can remove the most stubborn bearings, sprockets, fan wheels and fan blades.

Contact us to discuss your machine shop needs.